Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stadium Postcards

Almost from the time I first got into sports, I've been fascinated with the stadiums and arenas the various teams played in.  About ten years ago, I started collecting postcards, with an emphasis on stadiums and arenas.  While some of the older ones are kind of hard to find, I've had pretty good luck finding cards of my favorites.  Here are a few of those.
                                                    Houston Astrodome 1967
                                       Los Angeles Coliseum & Sports Arena 1950's
                                                    Los Angeles Forum 1960's
                                        Madison Square Garden New York 1960's
                                         Candlestick Park San Francisco 1960's

I've also been lucky enough to find postcards of different concept art and models for stadiums that hadn't been built yet at the time.  These are some of my favorite postcards as sometimes the final design was a lot different from the finished product.
                                             Dodger Stadium Los Angeles 1962
                                                 Shea Stadium New York 1964
                                                    San Diego Stadium 1967

I was thrilled to get this concept art postcard of my favorite stadium in MLB, my hometown Royals' beautiful Royals Stadium (as it was known back in 1973).

I'll throw in one last card for my pal and die hard St. Louis Cardinals fan Neato Coolville.  Busch Memorial Stadium was all kinds of 60's retro cool. 

I'll try and post more cards from my collection in the near future.

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Todd Franklin said...

Nice post! That's a fine group of stadium postcards especially the last one! The concept ones are really cool.