Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's Spy Smasher!

I've always been a fan of the adventure movie serials of the 1930's and '40's.  I first became aware of them right after Star Wars came out when George Lucas said he was influenced by the Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers serials of his youth.  You could definitely tell the influence when Raiders Of The Lost Ark came out a few years later.  My love of that movie heightened my interest in movie serials.  When I worked for Blockbuster Video in the early '90's, I was able to buy a bunch of serials that were on clearance for a couple of bucks each.  I bought The Adventures Of Captain Marvel, The Fighting Devil Dogs, King Of The Rocketmen, Nyoka The Jungle Girl, and, last but not least, Spy Smasher.
I became engrossed in the adventures of Fawcett Comics' hero who fought dastardly Axis saboteurs and spies in order to protect our fine shores in the early days of World War II.  Kane Richmond played the title hero and he did a great job portraying the heroic smasher of spies.  My college buddies and I loved the Golden Age of Comics and were suckers for any WWII movies or comics where America took it to those horrible Nazis and this serial was right up our alley.  The posters and lobby cards did a good job getting kids to the theater every week for the next chapters.
The serial was reissued later reedited as a feature length movie.  This was a trailer for that release.  It looks to me like they used footage from the original trailer from 1942 to assemble this one.

I really wish they'd release the whole thing on DVD.  My friend burned off a copy of it from the VHS tape but it'd be great in a nice transfer.  Although it wasn't one of the more popular chapterplays, Spy Smasher definitely is up there with the all time great serials.  If you like non stop heroic action then Spy Smasher is for you!  Thanks to Heritage Auctions for the poster and lobby card scans.

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Todd Franklin said...

Good old Spy Smasher! I'm surprised we didn't wear out that VHS tape in college. Nice post Mike!