Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lawrence Of Arabia Blu-ray

My main Christmas present this year was the incredible 50th anniversary Lawrence Of Arabia Blu-ray box set. It's a must have for fans of the film as it contains not only the stunning new Blu-ray transfer of the movie but two extra discs of bonus features and a copy of Maurice Jarre's fantastic soundtrack. It also comes with a coffee table book that has some incredible images from the making of the movie.
Two of my favorite pictures in the book show the premiere of the film at two very beautiful theaters. First up is the Fox Theater in Portland, OR.
Then we have the Aladdin Theater in Denver, CO.
Finally, there's an actual 70mm film frame that came with the set. Although that would be the perfect way to see it, the new 4K remaster is almost as beautiful.
Lawrence Of Arabia is one of the greatest and most beautifully shot films ever made and it's a must have for any Blu-ray collector. It's money very well spent.

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Todd Franklin said...

Such an amazing movie!