Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Return Of Captain Action

I was excited to see the return of one of the most iconic toy lines of the 1960's, Captain Action. Toys R Us has an exclusive on the first wave of costumes for the good Captain. Captain America and Spider-Man constitute the first wave and they are very nice. I picked up Cap and he looks great.
The attention to detail in the costumes is great and I love the mask they used for Cap. It has a very Silver Age look to it, which I really like.
There are more waves of costumes to come, including one I'm really looking forward to. The second wave consists of The Mighty Thor and his dastardly brother Loki. Thor looks great, as seen in this promo shot.
Those will be great but I'm really looking forward to the debut of Captain Action as The Rocketeer. I can't wait for this beautiful costume set of the iconic Dave Stevens creation.
For more info on the good Captain, check out the great Captain Action website, which offers up to date news on all things CA.


Todd Franklin said...

I can't wait for that Rocketeer CA! Wow!

Ed said...

Those figures look great on your book shelf!