Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Art Of Captain America The First Avenger

I really, really loved Captain America The First Avenger. It was everything I wanted a period superhero movie to be. One of the first things I did after I saw the movie was pick up the Art Of Captain America hardback coffee table book. It's full of beautiful concept art that helped bring Cap's WWII adventures to life. Here's a taste of what's in this great book.

One of the neater things in the book were the different logos for the SSR, the Strategic Scientific Reserve, the scientific branch of the Army that created Cap. I recently picked up a replica shirt of the one Chris Evans wore in the movie. I don't think anybody will confuse me for Cap though.

Finally my favorite thing in the book by far is this awesome War Bonds poster featuring the Star Spangled Avenger. Everything about this poster is just awesome. I was thrilled to get a good scan of it.

I highly recommend this book for any lover of Cap or behind the scenes concept art. It's a fascinating read with great images besides the ones I showed. It's one of my favorite books.