Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's proud uncle time!

I don't have any kids (which is why this house is so quiet all the time) but I take incredible pride in my fantastic niece and nephew who live out in Arizona (I live in a state of misery, I mean Missouri sorry about that). They're both awesome and my niece is quite the artist. I've always wanted to be able to draw. I go to a lot of comic conventions and I marvel at the artists' ability to put their thoughts in a visual form. She's channeled her love of Manga into these really nice pieces. I'm trying to get her to draw me a Captain America or Superman, which if they're anything like these beauties, I'll be quite the happy camper. In fact I'm quite the happy camper when it comes to those two anyway.
Fantastic job Wednesday!!!!


Sara said...

Totally amazing. She should draw me a Kermit the Frog manga style.

Todd Franklin said...

These are excellent! OK, I want on the list for a Tron!