Monday, November 14, 2011

Arrowhead Stadium Tour

The other day my dad and I took the Arrowhead Stadium tour. Arrowhead, home of the Kansas City Chiefs since 1972, has been recently remodeled and looks just as beautiful and brand new as it did when it opened. We got to go on the field, which was very cool although I was a little surprised at how beat up the grass looked.
We also got to go down to the Chiefs' locker room area and press conference room. NFL rules prohibited the tour from going into the locker room but it was cool going down the tunnel the players do every Sunday.
The tour finished up in the press box area and the Chiefs' Hall Of Honor, which was pretty incredible. It was neat seeing the Lombardi Trophy and all the old memoribilia.
I had a great time and couldn't believe I hadn't done it sooner, since I live about 15 minutes from the stadium. As a football fan and a fan of stadiums in general, I'm very impressed with the new Arrowhead. If you ever get a chance to take the tour or go to a game, I highly recommend it.

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