Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pirates Of The Caribbean Storybook 1970's

A friend of mine at work gave me this fantastic Pirates Of The Caribbean storybook from the 1970's. It contains tons of great info about the iconic ride, which unfortunately isn't quite the same anymore. I love the 1960's era promotional pictures of the attraction, espcially the ones with people riding the ride.

I think my favorite part of the book is the Mad style attraction map. It was too big to scan at once so I had to do it twice. It's still a thing of beauty though.

I'm thrilled to get this great book for my Disneyland collection. Maybe the new Pirates movie coming out this summer will have a little more of the feel of the ride but I doubt it. Oh well, I'll always have this book to remember the original attraction.


Todd Franklin said...

The map would make a cool poster!

Mousie said...

I've made a scan of the souvenir pictorial that was put out in 1968 if you'd like a link to that. It includes the two page map and many of the images that you've shown as well. By the looks of it, your's may be an updated version of my scan.

It's a torrent on a Disney fansite if you'd like a link.