Saturday, January 30, 2010

Disneyland Jungle Cruise Employee Manual

One of my favorite Disneyland collectibles is a 1970's era photocopy of the employee instructions for the Jungle Cruise attraction. It has everything you need to know to run this classic ride as smoothy as possible. They leave no stone unturned, including giving a blueprint of the actual boats used at the time.

Since there were a lot of oppurtunites to screw up driving the boat along the river route, they included a map of the route showing all the spots were there are animations and turns. It would have been a big help for new skippers.

The bulk of the manual concerns the script and guidelines for the skipper's spiel. It's one of the most important parts of the ride and you can tell the powers that be took it very seriously. This is just the first page of several dealing with the script.

It would be neat to see more employee manuals from other Disneyland attractions. I have a copy of the Pirates Of The Caribbean manual from 1976 but it's not as visually interesting as this one. I'll try and post some of it at a later time. These are definitely some of the more unique Disneyland collectibles.


m said...

Any chance you could scan the entire script?

Mike Middleton said...

I'll have to dig it out of a storage box. I'll try and get to it in a couple of days.