Saturday, October 31, 2009

Continental Airlines Postcard

I picked up this cool postcard at the Airline History Museum a few months ago. It's from a Continental Airlines poster from the 1960's. I used to love looking at the different posters airlines used to promote their flights when I was a kid and during the 1950's and 60's they were even cooler. I wish they would go back to unique designs like this. It's a great snapshot of a bygone era in airline history.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Starlog Magazine

I was bummed out a few months ago by the news that Starlog magazine was severly curtailing its output. Like a lot of sci-fi nerds my age, I was a big fan of the magazine back in its late 70's-early 80's heyday. Issue #1, from August, 1976, is a good example of the kind of mag it was. Way before the internet magazines like Starlog were the only source of info on everything that was happening in the sci-fi world. Now they're a wonderful look back at the shows and movies that were making a splash at the time. This particular issue had articles about The Bionic Woman, Star Trek (back when there was only one), Space 1999, and many more great shows. There's an innocence in these issues that won't be duplicated ever again which bums me out. Oh well, at least I can always read the back issues.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

U2 In Norman, OK

I had a great time at the U2 show in Oklahoma last weekend. I've been a U2 fan for almost 25 years now and I never get tired of seeing them live. This was the 12th time I've seen them and they still bring it. I'm really glad they're back in stadiums because they're really good at bringing a stadium sized crowd together like it was a club. Their new stage is pretty impressive as well. Their show design is just fantastic as these photos prove.

Rumor has it that they'll announce their 2010 US dates next week. I'm really hoping there's a Missouri date in there, either KC or St. Louis. I'm fairly confident they'll go to one or the other. I highly recommend seeing them if you're into them and their music. You'll have a good time.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Morning TV Listings

I had a good time going through these listings for Saturday Morning TV fare from 1976 and 1980. There were a lot of great shows on then, especially in 76.

The decision at 9 whether to watch Super Friends, Land Of The Lost, or the Shazam-Isis Hour would have killed me. I probably would go with Shazam-Isis but it would have been tough. Other great shows that show up here are Grape Ape, Far Out Space Nuts, Return To The Planet Of The Apes, and Speed Buggy. It was a good year for a cartoon loving kid.

Four years later there were still some good choices for my ten year old self to watch.

Super Friends was a staple for me at 7am. I also watched Plastic Man, Bugs Bunny/Road Runner, Scooby Doo (I tried to ignore Scrappy), and the great Laff-a-Lympics. It's a shame that there aren't any great cartoons for today's kids to watch. These ads are from the 7/4/76 and 7/5/80 Kansas City Star.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Week To Go

I'm getting very excited about seeing my favorite band U2 next week in Norman, OK. I'm looking forward to several aspects of the show but one of the things I'm looking forward to the most is seeing the red screen intro to Where The Streets Have No Name again. They didn't do it last tour and the song suffered because of it in my opinion. Here's the intro from the show a couple of days ago in Tampa, FL.

It should be a fantastic show.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

TWA Ad 1982

Here's another great TWA ad from the early 80's featuring two of the legends of the NBA who were also great pop culture icons for different reasons. There was never this much room on any flight I've ever taken.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sesame Street Presents Mad Men

I was tickled by this parody the good folks at Sesame Street did of one of my favorite TV shows. Guy Smiley makes a fantastic Don Draper and if Jon Hamm ever gets tired of portraying the seedy ad executive, he has a worthy replacement waiting in the wings. It's probably a good thing the powers that be at The Children's Televison Workshop didn't delve into the seamier side of Mr. Draper. Now that would be an interesting segment of Sesame Street!