Monday, November 9, 2009

Weezer Autographed CD

I'm pretty excited about the new Weezer CD which came out last week. I haven't heard any of it yet but it's gotten pretty good reviews and I've liked everything they've done so I'm sure I'll like it. I saw them when they came through KC in 2001 and one of the coolest things about the show was they had autogrpahed CD's for sale at the merch booths. Their green album is just fantastic so that was the logical choice for me to get. It's one of my favorite pieces in my autograph collection. Hopefully they'll come back their next tour, with or without signed CD's.

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Todd Franklin said...

Yeah, I've been enjoying the new CD. I think my favorite song is In the Mall. Also, cool is you can flip the CD cover over for the yellow album!