Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Starlog Magazine

I was bummed out a few months ago by the news that Starlog magazine was severly curtailing its output. Like a lot of sci-fi nerds my age, I was a big fan of the magazine back in its late 70's-early 80's heyday. Issue #1, from August, 1976, is a good example of the kind of mag it was. Way before the internet magazines like Starlog were the only source of info on everything that was happening in the sci-fi world. Now they're a wonderful look back at the shows and movies that were making a splash at the time. This particular issue had articles about The Bionic Woman, Star Trek (back when there was only one), Space 1999, and many more great shows. There's an innocence in these issues that won't be duplicated ever again which bums me out. Oh well, at least I can always read the back issues.

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The Fairy Godfather said...

What a shame. Do you know of any blogs that are posting Starlog in scanned form, or online archives? BTW, I had that issue (and almost all the early ones) once upon a time. Thanks for the rememberance of this once great mag.