Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mainstreet Theater

One of my beloved childhood theaters reopened this past weekend after sitting dormant for 24 years. The former Empire Theater in downtown Kansas City was one of the premier movie theaters in Kansas City since 1921. In 1978, my dad took me there to see Superman, which I still remember vividly. AMC Theaters did a fantastic job restoring the place, which had fallen into severe disrepair. One of the few things remaining from the original theater was the staircase to the upper balcony.

AMC has turned the Mainstreet, which was the theater's original name, into a state of the art, all digital, modern cinema. The screens are pretty good sized with great sound and very comfortable, all leather seats. In fact, there are subwoofers embedded in each seat which kind of puts you in the action of the movie.

I'm thrilled to death that there are movies being shown downtown again. While I wish that they would have tried to recreate the original movie palace, the results are breathtaking and well worth the extra money and a trip downtown.


Carrie said...

What did you think of Wolverine??

Mike Middleton said...

It was OK. The theater was definitely better than the movie.