Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dom DeLuise R.I.P.

I was very saddened to learn of the death of one of my favorite childhood comedians. I loved Dom DeLuise in everything he was in. He was fantastic on the Dean Martin Show in the 60's and his appearances on the Tonight Show in the 70's with Johnny Carson were just awesome. I remember my parents laughing hysterically at Dom and Burt Reynolds' antics with Johnny when I was really little. He was also amazing in Blazing Saddles, which I think is the funniest movie ever made. My favorite Dom DeLuise film however, is Cannonball Run. Whenever he turned into Captain Chaos to save the day brought tears of laughter to my eyes every time. I thought I'd pay tribute to this great actor by imbedding these classic bloopers from Cannonball Run. How can you not love that laugh? He'll definitely be missed.

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Carrie said...

All of us nerdy '80s kids are in mourning today. Sara called me at work to tell me. Very sad.