Thursday, April 23, 2009

Batman Autographs

I was looking over my autographs the other day and I realized I had a good portion of the cast of the classic Batman TV show of the 1960's. Of course, no Batman collection would be complete without the one true Batman, Adam West.

I believe the first cast memeber I met was Yvonne Craig, who was the beautiful Batgirl in season three.

You can't have a Batman autograph collection without at least a couple of the dastardly villains the Caped Crusader took on during the series' run.

I think this is a pretty good start. Hopefully the local comic convention can get Burt Ward at a show soon so I can get both halves of the greatest TV crimefighting team of '60's TV.

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billco said...

Very cool Batman autographs. Loved the show.