Sunday, February 22, 2009

Children's Palace Ads

When I was a kid in the late 70's, there was only one place to go to get my Star Wars figures. Children's Palace was the main toy retailer in Kansas City at the time and needless to say, I loved going there and I would bug my mom constantly to take me there. They were set up similar to how Toys R Us is now but I seem to remember them having an entire side of an aisle devoted to Star Wars figures and toys. It was awesome to say the least. They had a panda mascot named Peter Panda who had kind of a New York accent as you can see from this ad from 1979.

The Children's Palace in Independence closed in the mid 80's and was replaced by Toys R Us, which opened just a block or so away on 40 Hwy and Noland Rd. It was OK but it just didn't have the magic for me that Children's Palace did.


Carrie said...

Ahh, Children's Palace. It was way better than Toy-R-Us. I bought most of my Star Wars toys at Kay-be when they were on sale.

Todd Franklin said...

Mike, you need to take a photo of the building since it still has the castle look.