Monday, January 26, 2009

American Airlines Astrojet Brochure

I recently picked up this fantastic brochure American Airlines put in all their new Astrojets in 1961. It explains in minute detail all the advantages of jet travel to make your flights more comfortable. It also details all the services provided by their highly professional and courteous stewardesses. Doesn't this meal look yummy?

The passengers in this shot look like they're quite satisfied with the top notch service American provides on their new jets.

If for some reason somebody would have had a bad flight, American provided these cool comment cards in the back of the brochure. I love the art on this.

They also provided a cool postcard and an order form for the new American Astrojet Model Kit. What little kid wouldn't want to put this cool jet together?

I really enjoyed reading this time capsule of the early days of jet aircraft travel. I think I might try to find more brochures like this.


Carrie said...

These are great. Flying is definitely not this cool or enjoyable any more.

Todd Franklin said...

Yeah, please find more!