Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kentucky Fried Chicken Commercial 1970

I forgot to post this super cool Kentucky Fried Chicken ad from 1970 in my previous post about the Colonel's advertising history. I love everything about this ad. It's fantastic.

Woolworths Halloween Commercial 1978

This is one of my favorite things on Youtube. It features both of the Halloween costumes I owned when I was a kid. Pre Star Wars, I was always Batman running down the street fighting crime. Then after 1977, I was always Darth Vader. There was a decent chance I got my costumes here as we shopped at Woolworths semi often. I really miss cool costumes like these.

Paul Lynde Halloween Special

When it comes to horror movies and Halloween specials, there's one particular show that rises above all to claim the title of world's greatest Halloween themed show. It's the legendary Paul Lynde Halloween Special from 1976. Featuring the great Mr. Lynde, it's full of goofiness that's hard to explain 32 years later. I don't think there's anything scarier than disco dancing with Pinky Tuscadero and Carol Brady.

What puts it over the top though is the appearance of the most rockin' Halloween band of all time, the mighty KISS.

Thank goodness this thing's on DVD now. It's probably one of my top five DVD's of all time. It's a definite must have!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kentucky Fried Chicken Ads

Some of my favorite ads I've found in old programs and in the KC Star microfilm has been for perhaps my favorite fast food chicken place, the one and only Kentucky Fried Chicken. The Colonel was one of the greatest advertising icons of the '60's and '70's. The football themed ad from 1977 is my favorite.

Man, these ads are making me hungry. I think I'll go out and get me some 11 herbs and spices!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Worlds Of Fun Ads 1970's

I forgot to include these cool Worlds Of Fun ads I found in various sports programs in my previous post about the park. They provide a good idea of what the place was like back then. Most of these are from the late 70's.

Putsch's Cafeteria Ad 1970

One of my favorite ads I found in old Kansas City Chiefs game programs is this beauty from 1970. Putsch's was a family style cafeteria whose food wasn't all that great but was a popular restaurant for the older set. I love the mid century art style on this ad. The wolf was the Chiefs' mascot at the time.

Lil' Sport Basketball

One of my favorite childhood toys was the Lil' Sport basketball hoop. I spent countless hours in my room shooting my Nerf style basketball through this great toy. I'd daydream I played for the Kings and was one of the leading scorers in the NBA. Unfortunately I wasn't real gentle dunking and the hoop didn't last real long, maybe a year or so. I wish I still had it. It was a big part of my childhood.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Disneyland Postcards

One of my favorite places in the whole world is Walt Disney's original theme park. I've been there several times in the past 20 years and just love the place. I've started to collect postcards from the glory days of the park. I've decided to share some of them. All of them date from the 1960's. I'll start with a couple of shots of the iconic structure of the park, Sleeping Beauty Castle.

One of the coolest things about 1960's Disneyland was Monsanto's House Of The Future. Nothing said kitsch like this place. I'd love to have a house like this.

Another Disneyland icon is Matterhorn Mountain. I really love this shot taken not long after it opened in 1959.

My all time favorite attraction at Disneyland was the Submarine Voyage. I'm glad it's come back as Finding Nemo's Submarine Voyage. It doesn't hold a candle to the original but at least the subs themselves look good.

The most recent one I picked up is this nice shot of the Carousel Theater, which housed the wonderful Carousel Of Progress.

I have a few more but these are a representative sample of the glory years of Walt's park. I really wish it was still like this but at least we can relive these great days through these cool postcards.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Battle Of The Network Stars

One of my favorite shows as a kid was ABC's Battle Of The Network Stars, where celebrities from the three networks (remember those days?) competed in different sporting events to see which network was the best. It was hysterical seeing guys like Telly Savalas smoke while they were supposed to be competing. Definitely something you wouldn't see now. It was also cool seeing foxes like Farrah Fawcett and Lynda Carater running around in tight pants. Man I miss the 70's! This clip is perhaps the greatest moment in the history of the show. Robert Conrad is fantastic!

I wish some network like TV Land would show these again. It would definitely be appointment TV in my house!

New Weird Al Song

It was pretty exciting finding out that one of my favorites, the one and only Weird Al Yankovic, has recorded a new song. It's a parody of TI's Whatever You Like. Here's a Youtube post featuring the tune.

It has its moments but it feels a little rushed to me. Al has changed so much the last few years. Due to the success of White And Nerdy, he seems to have concentrated on rap parodies of late. While the thought of Al rapping is pretty funny, it's starting to get old. I kind of miss the old Al. He seems to pandering to the masses now with all these rap songs. I guess I'm sounding like an old fogey but he was much cooler in the 80's. Dare To Be Stupid is one of the greatest albums of all time. For a glimpse of this Al, check out his appearance on the Tonight Show from 1985.

Although he isn't as good as he once was, it's great to see Al still making records and entertaining a new generation of fans. I've seen him in concert several times and met him on a couple of occasions and he was a super guy who's a great role model for kids and adults. Here's me with Al in 2000.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Twin Drive-In Independence, MO

I'm surprised I haven't talked about one of my favorite places in the whole world. The Twin Drive-In Theater in my hometown of Independence, MO has been the site of many wonderful memories for me. We're very fortunate in the Kansas City area to still have three drive-ins that are open from April to November every year. I've been going to the Twin since at least 1978, which is where I saw my favorite movie of all time, Star Wars, on their giant screen. It was a great experience at a drive-in and having Logan's Run playing with it didn't hurt either. The best thing about the place is that it hasn't changed much since it opened in 1965. It was the first two screen drive-in in the Kansas City area, as the opening ad attests.

The ticket booth and the concession stand still has that great 1960's feel.

It had a classic playground right next to the concession stand up until 2001 or 2002. Thanks to my buddy Neato Coolville for this great picture.

One of the coolest things about the place is the classic intermission trailer they show in between movies. This one is one of the all time greats and is also known as a background in the drive-in scene in Grease, which I think I saw at the Twin the same summer I saw Star Wars.

I didn't go there as often as I wanted to this summer but I did get to see one of my cinematic heroes there. We saw Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull there the night it opened. It was much better at the drive-in.

It was very cool and rainy and there were dark, ominous clouds overhead. I took this shot before it got dark and I love how it turned out. It had a Twister style feel. It was real quiet before the movie started, giving it a real creepy feel.

I always wanted something from this great place but I never had the nerve to try and take something. A friend of mine saved me from that though. Her son works there and they managed to get me a broken speaker that had been there for 30+ years. It's one of the coolest things in my collection.

If you live anywhere around Independence, you must make a trip to this moviegoing icon. You won't be disappointed.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Hero

I found this fantastic video on Youtube featuring images from one of my all time favorite cartoons, the Filmation version of Flash Gordon, with the rocking end credits song from the 1980 Flash Gordon movie by the fantastic Queen. It's really well done and gets me pumped up to watch both versions of this classic sci-fi hero. Enjoy!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Worlds Of Fun

One of the more memorable places from my childhood was the Worlds Of Fun amusement park in Kansas City. Opened in 1973, it was one of the largest parks in the Midwest. I remember going there often when I was a kid. Unlike a lot of kids, I had a huge fear of roller coasters. I would go just to hang out with my relatives and watch them go on all the thrill rides. I loved the main sign out front. The huge balloon captivated me. It still looks much the same as it did when I was a kid.

Across the highway from the park is a very cool water tower painted in the Worlds Of Fun colors. It's an overlooked Kansas City icon is a probably the coolest water tower I've ever seen.

I haven't been in a while so the park has changed quite a bit since the last time I've been there. They change rides every few years or so and is still really popular locally.

The park used to have a lot of name music acts come through for concerts at their theater. This ad from 1977 showcases some of the more popular groups that came to the park that summer.

That Starland Vocal Band show would have been fantastic! For more info on this great park, check out this site that had a lot of cool info and a great timeline of the park. If you're ever in Kansas City, check out this great attraction.

Monday, October 6, 2008

The United States Of Charles Phoenix

I had a great time at Charles Phoenix' retro America slide show last Saturday night at the Airline History Museum in Kansas City. Phoenix' shows are a very funny look at 1950's and '60's America through slides that families took during vacations and family events. There were beautiful slides of old Disneyland, Las Vegas, and many other classic tourist attractions of the time. His website offers up a bunch of these slides with Charles' one of a kind commentary. He's also a semi regular on Martha Stewart's show. Here he is with some cool Halloween slides.

He also has a hilarious tour of downtown Los Angeles where he compares it to the original Disneyland. Check it out.

If you're into 1950's Americana, you'll spend a ton of time on his site. I know I did.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Batman Meets Superking

This ad from the mid 70's cracks me up. Adam "Batman" West and Jerry "The King" Lawler promote a car show in Memphis.

You can tell West wasn't into it which is a lot of the charm of this. The fake Batman costume cracks me up. It's also kind of sad. I'm glad he's rebounded and is still an icon 30 years later.

Indiana Jones Action Figure Ads

With the new Indiana Jones movie coming out soon on DVD, I thought it would be cool to see these great ads for the Kenner Indiana Jones figures from the early 1980's.

I never had many of these figures for whatever reason but I wish I would have. They're great.

Star-Kist Tuna Ad 1965

The aforementioned World Series program had great ads. Probably the best one was this very cool ad featuring the classic Charley Tuna knocking one out of the park. Charley was so cool that I remember actually wanting to eat tuna because of him. Now that's the power of advertising!

World Series Program 1965

With the baseball playoffs underway, I thought it would be cool to post this great space age World Series program cover from 1965. This series between the Dodgers and the Twins was an underrated classic. I love everything about this cover. Space fever was at an all time high and it came across in this beauty. Hopefully the Dodgers can get back in the Series this year.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's That Time Of Year!

Don't forget to check out my buddy Neato Coolville's fantastic Halloween countdown. It'll be full of groovy ghouly stuff that no monster fan will want to miss. He's also got a new site Weird Hollow that will have contributions from our mysterious pal Vlad. Vlad's a super cool bloodsucker that'll have you shivering in your boots the whole month. So check them out!

Arcade 84

I forgot to add this fantatic video showing what arcades were all about in 1984 to my earlier post about video games.

This great site has more cool videos by the same crew that did this beauty.