Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas 1978

I recently found a bunch of Christmas pictures from my childhood and I thought I'd post them to get into the Christmas spirit. This one from 1978 was a special one because it was the first year (but definitely not the last) that I got Star Wars stuff. Like every other 8 year old in 1978, I was obsessed with Star Wars and wanted everything Kenner put out. The main things I got from Santa that year were the Death Star playset and the large size Luke figure which are pictured above along with a Star Bird and a Nerf ball. It seemed like I got a Nerf ball every year. I like my expression in this shot. The last thing I wanted to do after I saw that Death Star was pose for a picture.

In this shot, which I think is from 78 but it might have been 77, I'm quite excited to get The Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman figures, not to mention the Fisher Price Adventure Jeep, which I was quite fond of.

In the last picture from this great year, I'm with my Dad probably the night before opening presents. My parents were divorced by this time and I probably saw him before Santa came. You gotta love the knock off Fran Tarkenton style jersey.

I really dug that passing contraption he got me. This shot might have been after Christmas since the tree's gone. It only says Christmas 78 on the back so I'm not sure. I'll post some shots from other years as we count the days until Santa brings me more Star Wars stuff this year!

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Todd Franklin said...

Ah, Christmas was always the best when you're a kid! Cool pics!