Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vegas Hotel Ads 1965

I found these awesome ads for various Las Vegas hotels in the 1965 World Series program. Since Vegas is fairly close to LA and the Dodgers were in the Series that year, they probably figured it would be a good idea to advertise in the program. I really dig the baseball related ad for the legendary Sands.

You couldn't get more all-American than the Sands All Stars! This cool ad for the Dunes also appeared in the program.

This ad for the Riviera was a few pages down from the Dunes.

I doubt the Minnesota Twins' version of the program would have had ads for luxury hotels like these. They probably would have been more like this ad from a Kansas City Chiefs program a few years later.

Not that there's anything wrong with Travelodges. In fact, I think they're quite cool. I just can't picture Dean and Frank crooning in the lounge at the midtown Travelodge.

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Poptart675 said...

You can't picture that, because I can totally see them hangin' in the motel lounge pickin' up chicks, or should I same dames.