Sunday, November 30, 2008

Star Wars Auditions

One of the cooler things to surface in the last ten years or so are the audition tapes for Star Wars. It's fascinating to see who might have played our favorite heroes. In hindsight it's obvious they picked the right people but it would have been interesting to see some of these other actors in the roles. The first tape is actor Andrew Stevens reading for the role of Luke.

It was a good thing he didn't play Luke. He made Mark Hamill look like Olivier. It's cool to see Harrison Ford read with some of these people. He did a lot of the readings for these tests and Lucas finally figured out he was the right guy for Han. Although if he hadn't worked out, this guy probably would have been pretty good.

Kurt Russell as Han Solo! That would have been pretty cool. Robby Benson also read for the Luke role. I'm really glad he didn't get it. He's too wimpy and I couldn't imagine wearing iron on T-shirts with him on them.

Of course we are know there was only one choice for Luke.

There were several choices for Leia as well. It's hard for me to imagine Cindy Williams as Leia but she did test for it, although Lucas had said he didn't want anybody from American Graffiti in Star Wars, even though he cast Harrison Ford.

She's actually not bad. Frederick Forest was reading the Han role in this test. He would have been quite the crusty Han Solo. Williams was probably also too old for the role. I think Carrie Fisher was definitely the right choice for the part.

Hopefully more of these tests will find the light of day soon. They're a fantastic glimpse into the making of the coolest movie of all time.

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Todd Franklin said...

In an alternate universe Kurt is Han and Robby is Luke. I would like to see that!