Friday, November 21, 2008

Silver Dollar City

One of my earliest childhood memories is going down to Branson, MO in the summer of 1975 to visit the Silver Dollar City amusement park. Silver Dollar City recaptures the 19th century era very well and is a really fun place to visit. I haven't been back in a while but I hear it hasn't changed a whole lot through the years. I recently found some photos from that trip. I especially remember loving the train. I wanted to ride it over and over. This was also probably the last vacation I took with both of my parents as they got divorced the next year.

I must have really liked that green shirt because in a lot of pictures I have from this time I'm wearing this shirt.

Another great memory from this trip is staying at this really cool roadside motel not far from the park. The Pines Motel was the motel of choice for my family as I stayed there again a few years later when I went down there with my grandparents. I really loved signs when I was a kid (still do) and I always wanted my picture taken next to signs. I was thrilled to find this picture of me in my Gilligan hat next to the Pines Motel sign.

All the doors to the rooms were painted a different color which thrilled my five year old self. The motel is still there under differnt management although it looks a lot different now.

I need to get down there again soon. I'm not sure my wife would want to stay at an old roadside motel though.


Todd Franklin said...

I have a picture of myself from 1974 or 75 in that same train. Also, I'm sure if you saw that motel with the different colored doors your 38 old self would be thrilled too.

Dev said...

They have some great Branson shows there to see if you ever have time!