Monday, October 6, 2008

The United States Of Charles Phoenix

I had a great time at Charles Phoenix' retro America slide show last Saturday night at the Airline History Museum in Kansas City. Phoenix' shows are a very funny look at 1950's and '60's America through slides that families took during vacations and family events. There were beautiful slides of old Disneyland, Las Vegas, and many other classic tourist attractions of the time. His website offers up a bunch of these slides with Charles' one of a kind commentary. He's also a semi regular on Martha Stewart's show. Here he is with some cool Halloween slides.

He also has a hilarious tour of downtown Los Angeles where he compares it to the original Disneyland. Check it out.

If you're into 1950's Americana, you'll spend a ton of time on his site. I know I did.

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Todd Franklin said...

He puts on a very funny show! Glad we had the chance to see one of his shows!