Friday, October 17, 2008

Twin Drive-In Independence, MO

I'm surprised I haven't talked about one of my favorite places in the whole world. The Twin Drive-In Theater in my hometown of Independence, MO has been the site of many wonderful memories for me. We're very fortunate in the Kansas City area to still have three drive-ins that are open from April to November every year. I've been going to the Twin since at least 1978, which is where I saw my favorite movie of all time, Star Wars, on their giant screen. It was a great experience at a drive-in and having Logan's Run playing with it didn't hurt either. The best thing about the place is that it hasn't changed much since it opened in 1965. It was the first two screen drive-in in the Kansas City area, as the opening ad attests.

The ticket booth and the concession stand still has that great 1960's feel.

It had a classic playground right next to the concession stand up until 2001 or 2002. Thanks to my buddy Neato Coolville for this great picture.

One of the coolest things about the place is the classic intermission trailer they show in between movies. This one is one of the all time greats and is also known as a background in the drive-in scene in Grease, which I think I saw at the Twin the same summer I saw Star Wars.

I didn't go there as often as I wanted to this summer but I did get to see one of my cinematic heroes there. We saw Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull there the night it opened. It was much better at the drive-in.

It was very cool and rainy and there were dark, ominous clouds overhead. I took this shot before it got dark and I love how it turned out. It had a Twister style feel. It was real quiet before the movie started, giving it a real creepy feel.

I always wanted something from this great place but I never had the nerve to try and take something. A friend of mine saved me from that though. Her son works there and they managed to get me a broken speaker that had been there for 30+ years. It's one of the coolest things in my collection.

If you live anywhere around Independence, you must make a trip to this moviegoing icon. You won't be disappointed.

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Todd Franklin said...

That's great that you ended up with a speaker. Nice tribute post to one of the best place in the KC area.