Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Best Friend

OK, now it's time for the sappy part of the blog. I was an only child and I loved every minute of it. I had friends keep saying to me how lonely they thought I was. No way! Not when I had my beloved dog Annie to hang out with while I read comics and watched cartoons. I got her for my fourth birthday in 1974 and she was never far from me. She was very well behaved and watched over me at every turn. The above picture was from Christmas of 74 and she has just gotten spayed so that's why she had a diaper on. As for me and my mismatched socks, there was no excuse. I adored her so much I even had my picture professionally taken with her when I was ten.

She passed away right as I started college. She lived to be 16 and was just as integral a part of my childhood as Star Wars and comics. I wish I could have snuck her into the theater to see SW. Now that would have been a childhood memory!

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Todd Franklin said...

You could've been Timmy in the new 70's adventures of Lassie! Great photo!