Friday, August 22, 2008

Meeting Moonwalkers

During the past 15 years or so, I've been fortunate to meet a lot of celebrites and people I grew up liking and admiring. Out of all the people I met, the three people I've met who walked on the moon inspired the most awe. Two out of the three I had great experiences with. The other one, Ed Mitchell, who walked on Apollo 14, was nice enough but I thought he was a little off. My buddies and I didn't really talk to him very much. The other two though, were fantastic experiences.

The first moonwalker I met was Alan Bean, who was the fourth man to set foot on the moon on Apollo 12 in 1969. He was appearing at a local comic book convention of all places. His line was extremely long but he was super nice and friendly and took time to talk to all of us like we were the only people there. He even asked me about my job. A moonwalker caring about what I did, amazing! I had my picture taken with him and it turned out great.

He also signed several things for me, including this fantastic picture of him in training for the mission.

The last moonwalker I met was just recently. A good friend of mine got invited to a reception for Harrison Schmitt, who was on the last mission to the moon, Apollo 17. He was kind enough to invite me and we had a great time getting our pictures taken and having him sign his latest book.

I think I've been eating a little too much Kentucky Fried Chicken in the years since I met these great men.

These were great experiences and I hope some of the other people who've walked on the moon will come through town. There are only 9 left out of the twelve so there's still a chance.


Just think Blue said...

Ha ha ha very funny! But I like Kentucky fried chicken too! Ha ha ha
again! p.s I posted 3 comments on your site! Ha!

Mike Middleton said...

Thanks for looking and posting!!

Todd Franklin said...

Meeting a moonwalker is such a special moment. Glad you've been fortunate enough to meet some of them. Should I photoshop one of the Colonel’s buckets in the photo of you and Schmitt?