Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fisher's United Super 1978

I was hanging out the other day with my buddy Neato Coolville at the new Midwest Genealogy Center, the new library my employer Mid-Continent Public Library opened a few months ago. We were looking through old yearbooks for cool ads and related stuff from the 70's when I came across this ad for Fisher's United Super, the grocery store down the street from where I grew up. I used to walk down there all the time to buy baseball or Star Wars cards. Later in the 80's they always had at least a couple of the more popular video games. I spent hours there during the summers playing Ms. Pac-Man and Time Pilot. I was very happy to find this ad. It's still there relatively unchanged. It's now a Thriftway and I still try and stop in there when I'm in the area. The ad is from the 1978 Truman High School yearbook


Todd Franklin said...

Now you'll have to run over and take some modern photos of this store.

Just think Blue said...

Come on! I mean these car photos are great keep adding more See you soon!