Thursday, August 21, 2008

A&W Ad 1976

I found this cool ad for the A&W restaurant my grandparents used to take me too in the 1976 Truman High yearbook. It was a very popular drive-in restaurant at the time and I remember drinking a lot of root beer there when I was little. It closed in the early 80's and the line of businesses that replaced it didn't do near as well as A&W. A&W came back to the area years later as combo restaurants with another favorite, Long John Silvers, but it just wasn't the same. The copy didn't turn out real well but you can still see how cool this particular place was in 1976.


Todd Franklin said...

I sure miss our old A&W. There's one still in Boonville that is unchanged from the 70's.

Peter VINCENT said...

"Lets all go to A&W, the foods more fun at A&W..." I think thats how the jingle went.

When the family vacationed in Lake George (in the 70's) we would go to A&W at least once or twice for lunch. In fact somewhere in my parents cupboard I have a mini Root Beer mug from A&W.

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